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Alexander Kovchan

Full name Олександр Анатолійович Ковчан
Country Ukraine
Born October 21, 1983
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2598 (March 2012)

Alexander Kovchan (Ukrainian: Олександр Анатолійович Ковчан; Russian: Александр Анатольевич Ковчан; born October 21, 1983 in Chernihiv) is a Ukrainian chess Grandmaster (2002).

Chess career

Kovchan played for Ukraine in the 1995 Children's Chess Olympiad.

In 2011, he tied for 2nd-5th with Tigran Gharamian, Boris Grachev and Ante Brkic in the Open Master Tournament in Biel. In December 2011, he tied for 1st-2nd with Robert Hess in the Groningen Chess Festival and in the same tournament of the following year, he tied for 1st-3rd with Zaven Andriasian and Sipke Ernst, earning him an invitation to the 75th Tata Steel Chess Tournament in January 2013.

Kovchan competed in Grandmaster Group C of the 75th Tata Steel Chess Tournament from 11-27 January 2013 in Wijk aan Zee where he finished 5th place by scoring 7½/13 (+3 =9 -1).