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Singapore Chess Federation

The Singapore Chess Federation (Abbreviation: SCF) is the principal authority over all chess events in Singapore, and was founded in 1949. Its promotion of the game has caused participation in its youth and interschool events, among others, to jump from 517 in 1999 to over 1200 in 2004. As a result, Singapore has one of the highest number of chess players in schools per capita in Asia. The Federation is affiliated to the world governing body, FIDE, and is part of the ASEAN Chess Confederation and the Asian Chess Federation. The federation's vision is to 'Nurture, Promote and Sustain a thriving Chess Community, Aspiring and Achieving Sports Excellence for Singapore' and its mission is to 'Promote Chess for All and Nurturing Singaporeans to realize their talents for Community and Nation'.

The current President is the General Secretary of FIDE - Ignatius Leong.

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