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Chess Engines Grand Tournament

Chess Engines Grand Tournament, also known as CEGT, is one of the best-known organizations that tests computer chess software by playing chess engines against one another and producing a ratings table.

CEGT routinely tests chess engines in various time controls such as 40/4 (40 moves in 4 minutes, repeating), 40/20 (40 moves in 20 minutes, repeating), and 40/120 (40 moves in 120 minutes, repeating). The 40/120 matches are one of the best computer-chess games freely available online, with the latest update being September 2015.

As of September 2009, the testers team is composed of eight members co-ordinated by Heinz van Kempen, using a total of 20 personal computers. The team has run more than 480,000 games for 40/20, and more than 750,000 games for 40/4 (Blitz). Games include SMP testing.

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