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Russian draughts

Russian draughts
Russian draughts starting position
Genre(s) Board game
Abstract strategy game
Players 2
Playing time

5 minutes for blitz

15 minutes for rapid

45 minutes for classic
Random chance None
Skill(s) required Strategy

Russian draughts (also known as Shashki or Russian shashki) is a variant of draughts (checkers) played in Russia and some parts of the former USSR, as well as parts of Eastern Europe and Israel. There are several variants of draughts games based on Russian draughts. Amongst the most popular ones is ″Poddavki″ (Misère game), where a player wins if he doesn't have any legal moves on his turn (either by giving up all of his checkers or having them being blocked). Another popular variant is called "Bashni" ("Towers"), where captured pieces are not removed from the game, but placed underneath the capturing piece, forming a "tower".


As in all draughts variants, Russian draughts is played by two people, on opposite sides of a playing board, alternating moves. One player has dark pieces, and the other has light pieces. Pieces move diagonally and pieces of the opponent are captured by jumping over them.

The rules of this variant of draughts are:


As in chess.

 1. e3-d4 d6-c5
 2. g3-f4?? c5:e3:g5
 3. ...
a b c d e f g h
7 7
6 6
5 5
4 4
3 3
2 2
1 1
a b c d e f g h


Official rules printed in Russia in 1884. First Russian championships was held in 1894. In 1993 appear Word championship at Russian draughts as part of World championship in draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian variant - since 1985) under the auspices of Section-64 World Draughts Federation. Also are European championship at Russian draughts as part of European championship in draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian) and national championships.

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