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List of women's Draughts World Championship winners

The Draughts World Championship is the world championship in international draughts, since 1973 organised among women by the World Draughts Federation (FMJD). Since 1981 the championship occurs every two years. In the even year following the tournament must take place the World Title match.

The first began in 1973 in the Netherlands and has had winners from the Soviet Union, Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia. The current women's champion is Zoja Golubeva, she previously won the championship 15 times.

Year Location Winner Nationality
1973 Netherlands Elena Mikhailovskaya Soviet Union USSR
1974 Netherlands Elena Mikhailovskaya Soviet Union USSR
1975 Netherlands Amsterdam Elena Mikhailovskaya Soviet Union
1976 Netherlands Amsterdam Elena Mikhailovskaya Soviet Union
1977 Netherlands Amsterdam Elena Mikhailovskaya Soviet Union
1979 Netherlands Sneek

Soviet Union Minsk (barrage)

Ludmilla Meijler-Sochnenko Soviet Union
1980 Netherlands De Lier (Nederland) Elena Altsjoel Soviet Union
1981 Soviet Union Riga (Latvia) Olga Levina Soviet Union USSR
1982 (match) Soviet Union Moscow Elena Altsjoel Soviet Union USSR
1983 Poland Sandomierz Elena Altsjoel Soviet Union USSR
1984 (match) Soviet Union Tallinn Elena Altsjoel Soviet Union USSR
1985 France Cannes Elena Altsjoel Soviet Union
1986 (match) Soviet Union Minsk Zoja Golubeva Soviet Union
1987 Soviet Union Minsk Olga Levina Soviet Union
1988 (match) Soviet Union Yalta Zoja Golubeva Soviet Union
1989 Netherlands Rosmalen Olga Levina Soviet Union
1990 (match) Soviet Union Pitsunda Zoja Golubeva Soviet Union
1991 Belarus Minsk Zoja Golubeva Latvia
1992 (match) Ukraine Kiev Zoja Golubeva Latvia
1993 Netherlands Brunssum Olga Levina Ukraine
1994 (match) Not held Zoja Golubeva Latvia
1995 Mali Bamako Zoja Golubeva Latvia
1996 (match) Netherlands Vught Zoja Golubeva Latvia
1997 Poland Mińsk Mazowiecki Zoja Golubeva Latvia
1999 Russia Yakutsk Zoja Golubeva Latvia
2000 (match) Netherlands Zutphen (Netherlands) Zoja Golubeva Latvia
2001 Netherlands Velp Tamara Tansykkuzhina Russia
2002 (match) Latvia and Russia Tamara Tansykkuzhina Russia
2003 Netherlands Zoutelande Olga Kamyshleeva Netherlands
2004 (match) Russia Ufa Tamara Tansykkuzhina Russia
2005 Italy Latronico Darya Tkachenko Ukraine
2006 (match) Russia and Ukraine Darya Tkachenko Ukraine
2007 Russia Yakutsk Tamara Tansykkuzhina Russia
2008 (match) Ukraine and Russia Darya Tkachenko Ukraine
2010 Russia Ufa Zoja Golubeva Latvia
2011 (match) Ukraine Rivne Tamara Tansykkuzhina Russia
2013 Mongolia Ulan Bator Zoja Golubeva Latvia
2015 (match) Kazakhstan Astana Zoja Golubeva Latvia
2015 China Wuhan Zoja Golubeva Latvia
2016 (match) Poland/Latvia Zoja Golubeva v Natalia Sadowska

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