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Brazilian draughts

Starting position in Brazilian draughts

Brazilian draughts (or Brazilian Checkers) is a variant of the strategy board game draughts. Brazilian Checkers follows the same rules and conventions as International draughts, the only differences are the smaller gameboard (8x8 squares instead of 10x10), and fewer checkers per player (12 instead of 20).



Starting position

Moves and captures

All moves and captures are made diagonally. All references to squares refer to the dark squares only. The main differences from English draughts are: pieces can also capture backward (not only forward), the long-range moving and capturing capability of kings, and the requirement that the maximum number of men be captured whenever a player has capturing options.


Winning and draws


Each of the 32 dark squares has a number (1 through 32). Number 32 is at the left corner seen from the player with the light pieces. Number 4 is at the left corner seen from the player with the dark pieces.

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