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Pierre Zimmermann

Pierre Zimmermann
Born May 26, 1955
Nationality Swiss

Pierre Zimmermann is a Swiss-born Monegasque bridge player, double world champion and captain player of the Monegasque team. He is also organizer of tournaments, notably the annual Monaco Cavendish since 2012 and the European championships by team from 2016 onwards on even years.

Pierre Zimmermann is founder and CEO of Zimmermann Immobilier, a real estate company in Geneva.


Pierre Zimmermann was born in Lausanne, Switzerland (where the World Bridge Federation is based) on 26 May 1955. He studied mathematics at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne from 1973 to 1978 and, in parallel, business administration at HEC Lausanne from 1975 to 1979.

He has five children and is married to the artist Christine Zimmermann.

Professional career

In 1979, Pierre Zimmermann joined IBM in Zurich where he worked for five years. He then worked for Hill+Knowlton Strategies as an assistant corporate controller for Europe until 1985. From 1986 to 1988, he worked for Finagrain as a financial analyst, and then joined BBHQ (a venture capital firm) in 1988 again as a financial analyst.

In 1990, Pierre Zimmermann leaves BBHQ to create the Régie Zimmermann (today known as Zimmermann Immobilier), a real estate company in Geneva. In 2006, he opens a subsidiary in Lausanne, and in 2013 Zimmermann Immobilier reached 100 million Swiss francs of gross rental income.

Bridge career

Pierre Zimmermann started playing bridge occasionally in 1975 during his studies, but only started to play seriously in 1998. He obtained his first World Champion's title in 2007 in Shanghai and his second in 2009 in São Paulo.

Pierre Zimmermann has played for several years with the professional player Franck Multon. Together they formed teams with top professional pairs, most recently Geir Helgemo-Tor Helness of Norway and Fulvio Fantoni-Claudio Nunes of Italy. In 2010 these six players all moved to Monaco in order to establish residency and thus eligibility for international teams-of-four competition as a national team. They have represented Monaco in European Bridge League and world championship tournaments and finished second in the Bermuda Bowl in Bali in 2013.

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