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Jaggy Shivdasani

Jaggy Shivdasani (born 1958) is one of India's most successful bridge players. Having burst onto the India's national scene in 1976 by winning the premier Holkar Trophy, he went on to win all national titles, usually multiple times. He represented India in numerous international events, including the 1988 World Team Olympiad in Venice, where his team reached the semi-finals before losing to the United States (the eventual winner). Shivdasani is from Mumbai.

In July 1987, Shivdasani made history when he became the first foreigner ever to win one of the three major North American team events: the Spingold Knockout Teams. In autumn 1987 he won his second straight major title, the Reisinger Board-a-Match Teams, as part of a foursome that included players from four different countries.

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