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Edwin Kantar

Edwin Bruce (Eddie) Kantar (born November 9, 1932) is an American bridge player, winner of two open world championships for national teams (Bermuda Bowls), and prolific writer of bridge books and columns. Kantar is from Santa Monica, California.


Kantar was born in Minneapolis. He learned the game at 11 and started teaching it at the age of 17, first to his friends and later at the University of Minnesota, which he attended.

Beside the 1977 and 1979 Bermuda Bowls, Kantar has won 15 North American Bridge Championships (NABCs) and is World Bridge Federation (WBF) and American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Grand Life Master.

Kantar started writing about bridge with an article on notrump bidding in the December 1954 of The Bridge World. He has written more than 35 bridge books and he is a regular contributor to the ACBL Bridge Bulletin (with two monthly columns), The Bridge World, and Bridge Today. In a survey of bridge writers and players taken in 1994, Complete Defensive Play was among the top 20 of all-time favorite bridge books. Six of his books have won the American Bridge Teachers' Association (ABTA) award for Best Book of the Year.

Kantar writes at home in California and lectures on bridge cruises. He also teaches occasionally in the Los Angeles area as well as lectures several times a year in various resort areas in the U.S. and Canada. When not writing about bridge, Eddie can be found at Venice Beach playing paddle tennis, a sport in which he has also garnered several trophies. Eddie is the only person ever to have played in a World Bridge Championship and a World Table Tennis Championship.

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