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Mingren (Chinese: 名人; Pinyin: Míng Rén), literally translated, means "Brilliant Man," i.e., meijin in Japanese, and myungin in Korean. It the name of a Go competition in China, which is the Chinese equivalent of the Nihon-Kiin's Meijin.


The Mingren is sponsored by the Zhongguo Qiyuan and Chinese People's Daily. There are 64 players who compete to get into a 16 player preliminary. The preliminary is a single knockout format, and the final for the challenger is a best-of-3 while the final is best-of-5. The winner's purse in 2008 was 100,000 CY ($14,600). In 2010, the defending Champion Gu Li failed to defend his Mingren title, after 6 consecutive triumphs. His opponent, the rapidly improving Jiang Weijie, lost the first game by brilliant moves from Gu Li, won the second with white by leading largely in territory, won the third with Black with a brilliant move to force Gu's loss of territory, lost the important fourth game by the inability to look after 2 sides, and Finally won the fifth by provoking Gu Li's aggressive style and neutralizing all blacks efforts, also playing move 174 which gained Jiang a 15 point advantage and then lead in territory with white. Jiang will now enter the 2011 "Meijin of Meijins".

Past winners and runners-up

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1988 Liu Xiaoguang 3-1 Yu Bin
1989 Ma Xiaochun 3-0 Liu Xiaoguang
1990 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Yu Bin
1991 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Nie Weiping
1992 Ma Xiaochun 3-1 Zhang Wendong
1993 Ma Xiaochun 3-0 Cao Dayuan
1994 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Luo Xihe
1995 Ma Xiaochun 3-0 Liu Xiaoguang
1996 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Liu Xiaoguang
1997 Ma Xiaochun 3-1 Luo Xihe
1998 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Liu Xiaoguang
1999 Ma Xiaochun 3-0 Chang Hao
2000 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Shao Weigang
2001 Ma Xiaochun 3-2 Chang Hao
2002 Zhou Heyang 3-1 Ma Xiaochun
2003 Qiu Jun 3-2 Zhou Heyang
2004 Gu Li 3-0 Qiu Jun
2005 Gu Li 3-0 Yu Bin
2006 Gu Li 3-0 Zhou Ruiyang
2007 Gu Li 3-0 Ding Wei
2008 Gu Li 3-2 Piao Wenyao
2009 Gu Li 3-1 Gu Lingyi
2010 Jiang Weijie 3-2 Gu Li
2011 Jiang Weijie 3-2 Kong Jie
2012 Tan Xiao 3-0 Jiang Weijie
2012 Tan Xiao 0-0 Chen Yaoye

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