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The Myungin (Korean: 명인전, Hanja: 名人戰) is a Go competition in South Korea. The word of myungin in Korean language, literally meaning "Brilliant Man", is same as meijin in Japanese and as mingren in Chinese. The Myungin is the Hanguk Kiwon equivalent to the Nihon-Kiin's Meijin title. The tournament was defunct from 2004-2006.


The Myungin is a Go competition used by the Hanguk Kiwon. It is sponsored by the Kangwon Land Corporation.

Past winners and runners-up

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1968 Cho Namchul Kim In
1969 Kim In Cho Namchul
1970 Cho Namchul Kim In
1971 Seo Bongsoo Cho Namchul
1972 Seo Bongsoo
1973 Seo Bongsoo Cho Hunhyun
1974 Seo Bongsoo Cho Namchul
1976 Seo Bongsoo Yun Kihyun
1977 Cho Hunhyun Seo Bongsoo
1978 Seo Bongsoo Cho Hunhyun
1979 Cho Hunhyun Seo Bongsoo
1980 Cho Hunhyun 1-0 Seo Bongsoo
1981 Cho Hunhyun Seo Bongsoo
1983 Seo Bongsoo Cho Hunyhyun
1984 Cho Hunhyun Seo Bongsoo
1985 Cho Hunhyun Kim Su-chang
1986 Cho Hunhyun 3-1 Seo Bongsoo
1987 Cho Hunhyun Chang Tu-chin
1988 Cho Hunhyun 3-0 Seo Bongsoo
1989 Cho Hunhyun 3-0 Seo Bongsoo
1990 Cho Hunhyun 3-1 Lee Chang-ho
1991 Lee Chang-ho 3-1 Cho Hunhyun
1992 Lee Chang-ho 3-1 Yang Chae-ho
1993 Lee Chang-ho 3-2 Yoo Changhyuk
1994 Lee Chang-ho 3-0 Im Seon-keun
1995 Lee Chang-ho 3-0 Yang Chae-ho
1996 Lee Chang-ho 3-2 Choi Myung-Hoon
1997 Cho Hunhyun Lee Chang-ho
1998 Lee Chang-ho Cho Hunhyun
1999 Lee Chang-ho 3-1 Choi Myung-Hoon
2000 Lee Chang-ho 3-0 Cho Hunhyun
2001 Lee Chang-ho 3-2 Yoo Changhyuk
2002 Lee Chang-ho 3-1 An Choyoung
2003 Lee Chang-ho 3-2 Cho Hunhyun
2007 Lee Sedol 3-0 Cho Hanseung
2008 Lee Sedol 3-0 Kang Dongyun
2009 Lee Chang-ho 3-1 Won Seung-jin
2010 Pak Yeong-hun 3-2 Won Seung-jin

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