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Jiang Weijie

Jiang Weijie
Full name Jiang Weijie
Chinese 江维杰
Pinyin Jiang Weijie
Born 17 October 1991
Turned pro 2005
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Zhongguo Qiyuan

Jiang Weijie (born 17 October 1991) is a Chinese professional Go player.

Jiang became a professional in 2005. He won his first title, the RICOH Xinxiu Cup, in 2008. Jiang ended Gu Li's six-year reign over the Mingren title, defeating Gu in the fifth and final game by resignation.

Promotion record

Rank Year Notes
1 dan 2005
2 dan 2006
3 dan 2007
4 dan 2008
5 dan 2009
6 dan
7 dan
8 dan
9 dan 2012 {{{27}}}

(Reached the 16th LG Cup Final and defeated Lee Chang-ho 2-0 in the final held between 13-16 of February, 2012. Jiang won as early as the 15th, thereby taking the tile earlier than expected of the Best of 3 series. Chinese Special Promotion rules apply to those who win international titles, or get 2 runners-titles in any of International titles.

Career record

Titles and runners-up

Title Wins Runners-up
Mingren 1 (2010)
Quzhou-Lanke Cup 1 (2010)
RICOH Xinxiu Cup 1 (2008)
National Go Individual 1 (2009)
International - 7 LG Cup 1 (2012)
Total 4 1