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Chang-ki Cup

The Chang-ki Cup (Chinese: 倡棋杯; Pinyin: Chàngqí Bēi) is a Zhongguo Qiyuan Go competition


The Chang-ki Cup is a Go tournament dedicated to Ing Chang-ki. It starts every year on Ing's birthday, October 23 and ends spring the following year. 216 Chinese players get together in a preliminary and 24 advance to the main event. The winner's purse is 400,000 CY ($49,500).

Past winners and runners-up

Year Winner Score Runner-up
2005 Kong Jie 2-1 Wang Lei (Go player)
2006 Zhou Heyang 2-0 Kong Jie
2007 Kong Jie 2-1 Gu Li
2008 Gu Li 2-1 Liu Xing
2009 Qiu Jun 2-1 Liu Xing
2010 Wang Xi 2-0 Wang Yao
2011 Tuo Jiaxi 2-1 Zhou Ruiyang
2012 Gu Li 2-0 Liu Xing
2013 Chen Yaoye 2-1 Tuo Jiaxi