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Tuo Jiaxi

Tuo Jiaxi
Full name Tuo Jiaxi
Chinese 柁嘉熹
Born 15 January 1991
Turned pro 2002
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Zhongguo Qiyuan

Tuo Jiaxi (born 15 January 1991) is a Chinese professional Go player.

Jiaxi became a professional in 2002. He was promoted to 2 dan in 2004 and reached 3 dan in 2005. Jiaxi won his first professional title with the Mind Sports Games Male Fast Game in 2009. He won the Chang-ki Cup in 2010.

Jiaxi was a part of the Chinese team that participated in the 10th Nongshim Cup. Jiaxi defeated Heo Yeongho, Yamashita Keigo, Yun Junsang, and Kono Rin before losing to Kang Dongyun. China eventually lost when their final player, Gu Li, lost to Lee Sedol.

Promotion record

Rank Year Notes
1 dan 2002
2 dan 2004
3 dan 2005
4 dan
5 dan
6 dan
7 dan
8 dan
9 dan

Career record

Titles and runners-up

Title Wins Runners-up
Chang-ki Cup 1 (2010)
Xinren Wang 1 (2008)
Mind Sports Game Male Fast Game 1 (2009)
Total 2 1