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Wang Xi - Go player

Wang Xi
Full name Wang Xi
Chinese 王檄
Pinyin Wáng Xí
Born January 9, 1984
Beijing, China
Turned pro 1997
Rank 9 dan
Affiliation Zhongguo Qiyuan

Wang Xi (born January 9, 1984) is a professional Go player.


Wang was born in Kaifeng, Henan. He began playing Go at the very young age of 4. He was already enrolling in teams with professionals when he was only 8. In 1997, at the age of 13, Wang became a professional at the Zhongguo Qiyuan. The same year he entered the Chinese National Youth Squad. He was promoted to 3 dan in 1994, then 4 dan in 1999, and 5 dan in 2000. In 1999, he placed fifth at the National Youth Squad preliminary.

The biggest moment of his career came in 2004 when he reached the Samsung Cup final. Wang put up a good fight against Lee Sedol, but couldn't come through with the win. He had once participated in the Samsung Cup before, in 2002. The last few years have been good for Wang, as he has placed second place 4 times, He won his first title, the Liguang Cup in 2006.

Titles & runners-up

Title Years Held
Current 3
Liguang Cup 2006
National Go Individual 2006
National Mass Sports Meeting 2006
Current 1
Asian TV Cup 2006
Total 4
Title Years Lost
Current 4
Liguang Cup 2005
CCTV Cup 2006
Xinan Wang 2006
Xinren Wang 2004
International 1
Samsung Cup 2004
Total 5