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Kazakhstani Chess Championship

The Kazakhstani Chess Championship is currently organized by the Kazakhstan Chess Federation. Chess was one of the sports contested at the second Kazakhstan Spartakiad held in Alma-Ata in 1933: Gubaydula Mendeshev was the winner. The first official Kazakhstani championships for men, women and juniors were held in Alma-Ata in 1934. Anatoly Ufimtsev holds the record for the most titles won with eleven.

List of national championship winners

Year Champion Notes
1934 Isidor Lopatnikov
1935 Sergey Freiman
1937 Aleksey Shapovalov
1938 Shamshidov Murzagaliev
1939 Shamshidov Murzagaliev Murzagaliev defeated Konstantin Kokhanov in a match after they tied for first in the round robin.
1940 Shamshidov Murzagaliev
1947 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1948 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1949 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1950 Anatoly Ufimtsev Vitaly Tarasov and Ratmir Kholmov participated as non-Kazakhstani invitees. Tarasov won the overall tournament; Ufimtsev tied for second with Kholmov and received the national title as a result.
1951 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1952 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1953 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1954 Anatoly Ufimtsev, K. Kurkleitis Ufimtsev and Kurkleitis were declared co-champions.
1955 Anatoly Ufimtsev
1956 Yury Nikolaevich Yakovlev Yakovlev defeated Anatoly Ufimtsev in a match after they tied for first in the round robin.
1957 Anatoly Ufimtsev Evgeny Vasiukov participated as a non-Kazakhstani invitee and won the overall tournament; Ufimtsev tied for second with V. Marantsman and defeated him in a playoff match.
1958 Boris Katalimov, Isay Goliak Katalimov and Goliak were declared co-champions.
1959 Vladimir Muratov
1960 Boris Katalimov
1961 Boris Katalimov
1962 Gennady Movshovich
1963 Valentin Konstantinov
1964 Alexander Noskov Noskov won a playoff over Yuri Nikitin and Nikolai Gusev after all three players tied for first in the round robin.
1965 Valentin Konstantinov
1966 Vladimir Seredenko Vladimir Antoshin participated as a non-Kazakhstani invitee and won the overall tournament; Seredenko finished second overall and received the national title.
1968 Yuri Nikitin
1969 Yuri Nikitin
1970 Alexander Ufimtsev
1972 Mikhail Mukhin
1973 Vladimir Liavdansky Liavdansky was from Leningrad, not Kazakhstan, but was nonetheless recognized as the winner; Eduard Bukhman, also from Leningrad, placed second; Oleg Dzuban finished third and was the highest-placed Kazakhstani player.
1974 Boris Katalimov
1975  ?
1976 Boris Katalimov
1977 Boris Katalimov, Vladimir Seredenko Katalimov and Seredenko were declared co-champions.
1978 Oleg Dzuban
1980 Boris Katalimov
1981 Oleg Dzuban
1982 Oleg Dzuban, Bolat Asanov Dzuban and Asanov were declared co-champions.
1983 Oleg Dzuban
1984 Nukhim Rashkovsky
1985 Serikbay Temirbayev
1986 Serikbay Temirbayev
1987 Yevgeniy Vladimirov
1988 Yevgeniy Vladimirov
1989 Vladimir Seredenko
1990 Oleg Dzuban
1991 Vladislav Tkachiev
1992 Vladislav Tkachiev
1993-1997  ?
1998 Petr Kostenko
2000 Petr Kostenko
2001 Darmen Sadvakasov
2002 Petr Kostenko Kostenko defeated Pavel Kotsur in a playoff match after they tied for first in the main tournament.
2003 Darmen Sadvakasov
2004 Darmen Sadvakasov
2005 Ospan Omarov
2006 Darmen Sadvakasov
2007 Darmen Sadvakasov
2008 Anuar Ismagambetov
2009 Yevgeniy Pak
2010 Kirill Kuderinov
2011 Pavel Kotsur Kotsur finished ahead of Rinat Jumabayev on tiebreaks.
2012 Anuar Ismagambetov
2013 Kirill Kuderinov
2014 Rinat Jumabayev
2015 Murtas Kazhgaleyev