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African Chess Championship

The first African Chess Championship was played in 1998. Ibrahim Hasan Labib and Mohamed Tissir both shared first place with 7/10, but the former took the title.

The 2007 championship was the FIDE Zone 4 qualifier for the Chess World Cup 2007, the next stage in the 2009 World Championship. Six players qualified for the 2007 World Cup: IM Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe), IM Pedro Aderito (Angola), IM Essam El Gindy (Egypt), GM Bassem Amin (Egypt), GM Ahmed Adly (Egypt), and FM Khaled Abdel Razik (Egypt).


Year City Winner Women's winner
1998 Cairo Ibrahim Hasan Labib (Egypt)
1999 Agadir Mohamed Tissir (Morocco)
2001 Cairo Hichem Hamdouchi (Morocco) Asma Houli (Algeria)
2003 Abuja Essam El-Gindy (Egypt) Farida Arouche (Algeria)
2005 Lusaka Ahmed Adly (Egypt) Tuduetso Sabure (Botswana)
2007 Windhoek Robert Gwaze (Zimbabwe) Mona Khaled (Egypt)
2009 Tripoli Bassem Amin (Egypt) Melissa Greef (South Africa)
2011 Maputo Ahmed Adly (Egypt) Mona Khaled (Egypt)
2013 Tunis Bassem Amin (Egypt) Shrook Wafa (Egypt)
2014 Windhoek Kenny Solomon (South Africa) Shrook Wafa (Egypt)
2015 Cairo Bassem Amin (Egypt) Mona Khaled (Egypt)