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Zenón Franco Ocampos

Zenón Franco Ocampos, Dresden 2008
Full name Zenón Franco Ocampos
Country Paraguay
Born 12 May 1956
Title Grandmaster

Zenón Franco Ocampos (born 12 May 1956, Paraguay) is a chess grandmaster (GM) from Paraguay. In the 1982 Chess Olympiad at Lucerne, he won the gold medal at board one by scoring 11 of 13. In the 1990 Chess Olympiad at Novi Sad, he shared first place at board one with 9 points in 12 games. As of 2007, Ocampos is the top-ranked player and only GM in Paraguay (now, there are three GMs: Zenon Franco, Axel Bachmann and Jose Cubas). He has written several books on chess for Gambit Publications under the name Zenon Franco.