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Zara Nakhimovskaya

Country Latvia
Soviet Union
United States
Born June 6, 1934
Daugavpils, Latvia

Zara Nakhimovskaya (Kavnatsky) (June 6, 1934, Daugavpils, Latvia) is a chess player who won the Latvian Chess Championship for women in 1958, 1959, 1961, and 1962.

Chess career

Zara Nakhimovskaya achieved excellent results during 1950 - 1960 period when she lived in Soviet Latvia. Zara Nakhimovskaya played for Latvia in Soviet Team juniors chess championships in Leningrad in 1951 at second girls board and won first place (6½ out of 9). She played in Latvian Chess Championship for women finals in:

She has also played successfully in the Women's Soviet Chess Championships and won the Half-Final in Irkutsk in 1961. She reached Women's Soviet Chess Championship finals in 1959, 1962, 1963. Zara Nakhimovskaya played for Latvia in Soviet Team chess championships in 1955 (at second women board), 1958 (at first women board), 1959 (at first women board), 1960 (at second women board), 1962 (at first women board). She also played in the Soviet Team chess cup for team "Daugava" in 1954 (at second women board), 1961 (at first women board), 1964 (at first women board), 1968 (at first women board).

Personal life

At the end of the seventies Zara Nakhimovskaya immigrated to USA and retired from an active chess life. Zara Nakhimovskaya is graduate the Riga Medical Institute and worked as pharmacist.