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Ye Rongguang

Full name Ye Rongguang
Country China
Born October 3, 1963
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
Title Grandmaster (1990)
Peak rating 2545 (January 1991)
Ye Rongguang
Traditional Chinese 葉榮光
Simplified Chinese 叶荣光

Ye Rongguang (simplified Chinese: 叶荣光; traditional Chinese: 葉榮光; pinyin: Yè Róngguāng; born October 3, 1963 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang) is a retired Chinese chess Grandmaster, who in 1990, became the first ever Chinese player to gain the Grandmaster title. He was for more than ten years the coach of women's world chess champion Zhu Chen. He lives in the Netherlands, and was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Netherlands Chinese Photographic Society.


Ye Rongguang competed at the 1990 World Chess Championship (Manila VI-VII, Interzonal Tournament) where he finished in 44th place with 6/13 points. In the same year he won the China National Chess Championship. He reached his highest FIDE rating of 2545 on January 1991 when he was ranked 97th in the world.

Ye has competed in the China national chess team in the Chess Olympiad three times at the Men's Chess Olympiad (1988-92) (games played 35: +19 −5 =11), and twice at the Men's World Team Chess Championships (1985-89) (games played 15: +8 −5 =2) winning bronze on 6th board in 1985. Ye also competed twice at the Men's Asian Team Chess Championship (1987, 1991), with an overall record of 13 games (+11 −1 =1). He won an individual bronze medal and an individual gold in 1987 and 1991, respectively.

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