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Vladimir Kirpichnikov

Country Latvia
Born July 4, 1948
Riga, Latvia
Title National Master
Peak rating 2490 (January 1975)

Vladimir Kirpichnikov (Latvian: Vladimirs Kirpičņikovs; Russian: Владимир Кирпичников; July 4, 1948, Riga, Latvia) is a Latvian chess master who won the Latvian Chess Championship in 1974.

Chess career

Vladimir Kirpichnikov started to play chess at the age of 10. He achieved Soviet chess master title in 1968. In 1974 he shared first place with Juzefs Petkēvičs in Latvian Chess Championship and later both were declared champions. In 1977 he won the Latvian master national tournament and participated in the next year international tournament in Jūrmala. Vladimir Kirpichnikov played for Latvia in Soviet Team chess championships:

Vladimir Kirpichnikov played for Latvian team "Daugava" in Soviet Team chess cup: