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Vladimir Chuchelov

Full name Vladimir Chuchelov (Владимир Чучелов)
Country Belgium
Born 28 September 1969
Title Grandmaster (1995)
Peak rating 2608 (July 2003)

Vladimir Chuchelov (Russian: Владимир Чучелов; born 28 September 1969 in the Soviet Union) is a Belgian chess Grandmaster. He won the Belgian Chess Championship in 2000. He appeared four times in the FIDE top 100, with a maximum rating of 2608. Tournament victories include the Hamburg HSK (1991), Gifhorn international (1992), 17th Cappelle la Grande Open (2001).

In 2010 he was awarded the title of FIDE Senior Trainer. He is best known as the coach of Fabiano Caruana.