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Virgilio Fenoglio

Virgilio Fenoglio (Santa Fe, February 20, 1902 - Buenos Aires, March 15, 1990) was an Argentine chess master, winner of 37 tournaments.

He played 13 times in Argentine Chess Championship, in the period 1928-1959. He was a winner of Torneo Mayor in 1930, but lost a match for the title to Isaias Pleci (4 : 6) in 1931.

He tied for 3rd-6th at Mar del Plata 1934 (the 4th South American Chess Championship, Aaron Schwartzman won), tied for 13-14th at Buenos Aires 1934/35 (the 5th South American-ch, Luis Piazzini won), shared 3rd at Mar del Plata 1936 (the 6th South American-ch, Pléci won), took 3rd at São Paulo 1937 (the 7th South American-ch, Rodrigo Flores won), took 3rd in the Montevideo 1938 chess tournament (the 8th South American-ch, Alexander Alekhine won), shared 1st with Carlos Guimard and Julio Bolbochan at Rio de Janeiro 1938 (Torneio Sulamericano), tied for 14-15th at Mar del Plata chess tournament 1942 (Miguel Najdorf won), and took 12th at Mar del Plata 1943 (Najdorf won).