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Viktor Gavrikov

Viktor Gavrikov (born 29 July 1957 in Criuleni) is a Lithuanian-Swiss chess Grandmaster.

Gavrikov shared 1st with Gintautas Piešina in the 1978 Lithuanian Chess Championship at Vilnius. He won the 52nd Soviet Chess Championship (with Mikhail Gurevich and Alexander Chernin) at Riga 1985, and finished 2nd (joint) in the 1986 event (Vitaly Tseshkovsky won).

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he emigrated to Switzerland. He won at Biel 1994, and won the Swiss Chess Championship at Arosa 1996. He shared 1st with Viktorija Čmilytė in the Lithuanian Championship in 2000.

Gavrikov was awarded the GM title in 1984.