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Valeriya Gansvind

Country Soviet Union
Born November 22, 1965
Moscow Oblast, Russia
Title Woman FIDE Master

Valeriya Gansvind (born November 22, 1965, Moscow Oblast) is an Estonian chess Woman FIDE Master.


Valeriya Gansvind learned to play chess at age eleven. In 1983 she graduated from Moscow boarding sports school. In chess competitions Valeriya played for Estonia because her mother is from Tartu. In Estonian Women's Chess Championship Valeriya Gansvind has won 2 gold (2006, 2009) and 2 silver medals (2005, 2008).

Valeriya Gansvind played for Estonia in Chess Olympiads:

Worked as a chess coach. Lives in Moscow and Canada, taking part in there a chess tournaments. Valeriya's son Andrey Kalinichev is FIDE master and has won Estonian Chess Championship silver medal in 2005.