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Tatiana Kostiuk

Tatiana Kostiuk (born 21 November 1982) is a Ukrainian chess player who has earned the Woman Grandmaster title.


Born in Chernigov, Ukraine, Tatiana studied Management in hotel, resort and tourism at the National Municipal Academy in Kharkov, where she gained a Masters degree in 2006.

Chess career

Kostiuk enjoyed placings at local and national level in various age groupings from the age of ten, with moderate success in the European Chess Championships for youth. Following her 4th place in the under 18 European Championship of 1999, she obtained the FIDE title Woman International Master of chess. The following year, Kostiuk became the under 18 European Chess Champion, and in 2004 obtained the national title Woman Master of Ukraine in chess.

In 2006, Kostiuk won the Condom tournament in France and was awarded the FIDE Women Grandmaster title.

Kostiuk has participated in chess tournaments for the Ukrainian Team in the Romanian, Russian and Cyprus Leagues. In 2008 she won the Open tournament in Vladimir, Russia. In the 2009 Championship of Paris Open A, she placed 2-7 in the general tournament and 1st for women.

She was trained at the chess club of Kiev, under Kosikov A. I. and from 2011 is currently trained by Ukrainian grand-master Sergey Fedorchuk. She installed in France, married Philippe Dornbusch and plays for Vincennes Club, France. Tatiana Kostiuk is also involved in Chess & Strategy Website as Community Manager. Her Elo Fide rating in May 2013 is 2321 points, placing her at 9th rank of women chess players of Ukraine.