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Svetlana Zainetdinova

Country Soviet Union
Born October 19, 1962
Ufa, Russia
Title Woman FIDE Master

Svetlana Zainetdinova (born October 19, 1962, Ufa) is an Estonian chess Woman FIDE Master (2006) and International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (LGM) (2009).


In 1979, Svetlana Zainetdinova graduated from secondary school in Ufa. She started play chess in Ufa's Pioneers Palace. In 1984, Svetlana Zainetdinova has graduated from the Russian Institute of Physical Culture and works as a trainer. Since 1984 she has been working as a chess coach in Kohtla-Jarve, and since 2002 she is a member of board in the local chess club «Diagonal». In Estonian Women's Chess Championship Svetlana Zainetdinova has won gold (1985) and silver medals (2000). She is an excellent correspondence chess player who holds the titles of LIM (Lady International Correspondence Chess Master (LIM, 2006), Lady International Correspondence Chess Grand Master (LGM, 2009), International Correspondence Chess Master (IM, 2009).