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Richárd Rapport

Rapport in Deizisau, 2012
Country Hungary
Born 25 March 1996
Szombathely, Hungary
Title Grandmaster (2010)
Peak rating 2721 (January 2016)
Ranking No. 31 (January 2016)
Peak ranking No. 31 (January 2016)

Richárd Rapport (born 25 March 1996) is a Hungarian chess prodigy. In March 2010, he became the fifth youngest chess Grandmaster in history.

Early life

Rapport was born in Szombathely, to Tamás Rapport and Erzsébet Mórocz, both economists.


Rapport achieved the National Master title in 2008, and became an International Master the next year. In March 2010, at the Gotth'Art Kupa in Szentgotthárd, he fulfilled the final norm and rating requirements for the Grandmaster title. He came in second on the tournament behind his trainer Alexander Beliavsky, and tied with Lajos Portisch (one of the strongest non-Soviet players in the second half of the 20th century). Thus, at the age of 13 years, 11 months and 6 days, he became the youngest ever Hungarian grandmaster (the previous record was held by former world title challenger Péter Lékó), and the fifth youngest chess grandmaster in history.


In May, Rapport tied for first in the Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament, together with Nigel Short and Nils Grandelius, winning on tiebreaks (head-to-head result). He scored 4½/7 (+3−1=3).

In December, Rapport won the European Rapid Chess Championship and finished fourth in the European Blitz Chess Championship.

Sample games

Rapport vs. GM Lajos Seres; First Saturday 2009 August GM, Budapest 2009.08.03, Rnd 3, ECO: A89

1. Nf3 f5
2. g3 Nf6
3. Bg2 g6
4. 0-0 Bg7
5. c4 0-0
6. d4 d6
7. Nc3 Nc6
8. d5 Na5
9. b3 Ne4
10. Nxe4 Bxa1
11. Neg5 c5
12. e4 fxe4
13. Nh4 Bf6
14. Bxe4 Bxg5
15. Bxg5 Rf6
16. Re1 Qf8
17. Bxf6 Qxf6
18. Bf3 a6
19. Qe2 Kf8
20. Bg4 Bxg4
21. Qxg4 b5
22. Re6 Qa1+
23. Kg2 bxc4
24. Qf4+ Kg8
25. Nxg6 1-0