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Raul Renter

Country Estonia
Soviet Union
Born August 1, 1920
Tallinn, Estonia

Raul Renter (1 August 1920, Tallinn - 20 November 1992, Tallinn) was an Estonian economist and chess player, who twice won the Estonian Chess Championship.


In 1938 graduated from Tallinn French Lyceum. In 1948 graduated from Faculty of Economics in Tallinn Polytechnical Institute. In 1964 Renter defended Candidate of Economic Sciences degree, and in 1975 he presented his doctoral dissertation in Economics. The main subject of his research was economic forecasting. From 1957 to 1965 worked as deputy chief of the Department of Economics at the Council of Ministers of the Estonian SSR. From 1965 to 1978 he was director of the laboratory in the Estonian Academy of Sciences Institute of Economics. From 1978 to 1992 he was head of the Department in Institute of Economic Management.

Since the late 1930s, Raul Renter was a participant of the chess competition in Estonia. In Estonian Chess Championships he has won 2 gold (1946, 1949), silver (1945) and 3 bronze (1943, 1947, 1952) medals. In 1950 he won the traditional National Tournament in Pärnu. In 1955 he was a co-author of the chess textbook in the Estonian language - «Maleõpik».