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Randy Bauer

Randy Bauer (born 1958) is a chess master and a member of the Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation. Randy grew up in Minnesota, where he was a successful scholastic player, tying for first or winning outright two state junior high school and senior high school championships. He was also the state junior champion. He earned his national master title in 1988 and was Iowa State Champion in 1991. Besides his chess playing career, Randy has also been active as a writer. He has written hundreds of book reviews and articles which have appeared on numerous chess websites as well as in publications, including Chess Horizons and Chess Life magazine. In the past, he has been honored by the Chess Journalists of America with an award for 'Best Instructional Article' of the year, for an instructional game that appeared in Chess Horizons magazine.

Randy has been involved in chess governance for many years, including serving terms on the Board of Directors for both the Minnesota and Iowa State Chess Associations. He was first elected to the Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation for a one-year term in 2004. He ran for re-election in 2005 but was defeated.

He served two years on the USCF Finance Committee, including one year as its Chair, then ran for re-election to the Executive Board in 2007 and this time was elected. He was chosen by the Executive Board members to serve as Vice President of Finance, and he served in this capacity for four years. After completing this term, he chose to not run for re-election to the Executive Board. He was then appointed as the Chair of the Finance Committee in 2012. In 2013, he ran again for the Executive Board and was elected to a two year term.

In his life away from chess, he currently serves as a Director in the national consulting firm Public Financial Management, Inc. Prior to that, he was the Budget Director of the State of Iowa under Governor Tom Vilsack who later ran for President of the United States.