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Padmini Rout

Padmini Rout, Vlissingen 2009
Country India
Born January 5, 1994
Barmbagarh, Odisha, India
Title International Master (2015)
Woman Grandmaster (2007)
Peak rating 2454 (March 2015)

Padmini Rout (born January 5, 1994 in Barmbagarh, Odisha) is an Indian chess player who holds the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. She won the World Under-14 Girls' Championship in 2008 and the Indian Women's Championship in 2014. She has also won five Asian and four national titles.

Padmini Rout started playing chess at the age of nine (2003) because of her father's passion for the game.

Awards and Honours

She was honoured with the Ekalavya Award by Orissa Government in 2009.


Personal life

She studied at D.A.V. Public School, Chandrasekhpur, Bhubaneswar