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Olita Rause

Country Soviet Union
Born November 21, 1962
Soviet Union
Title Woman Grandmaster (1993)
International Master (1995)
ICCF Grandmaster (1999)
Peak rating 2250 (January 2011)

Olita Rause (born November 21, 1962 in the Soviet Union) is a Latvian Woman Grandmaster (1993), International Master (1995), International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (1999).

Chess career

Rause won the silver medal in Latvian Chess Championship for women third times: 1981 (tournament won Astra Goldmane), 1984 (tournament won Anda Šafranska), 1994 (after lost additional match against Anda Šafranska - 1½:2½). In 1986, Rause played for Latvia in Soviet Women's Team Chess Championship in Minsk at second board.

Rause played for Latvia in Chess Olympiads:

Rause is one of strongest world's correspondence chess players. She won the ICCF World Cup VI tournament.

Personal life

Rause graduated from the University of Latvia with a Master of Philology degree and now works as the editor for Janis Roze Publishers in Riga. Rause was married with chess Grandmaster Igors Rausis.