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Nino Khurtsidze

Khurtsidze in Heraklion 2007
Country Georgia
Born 28 August 1975
Soviet Union
Title International Master (1999)
Woman Grandmaster
Peak rating 2472 (July 1999)

Nino Khurtsidze (born 28 September 1975) is a Georgian chess player who holds the FIDE titles of International Master (IM) and Woman Grandmaster (WGM). She won the World Junior Girls Chess Championship in 1993 and 1995.

Khurtsidze also won the World Under-16 Girls Chess Championship of 1991 in Guarapuava, Brazil, the absolute Georgian Chess Championship in 1998 and five times the women's Georgian championship (in 1989, 1993, 2005, 2006 and 2013).

In 2005 she was the number two rated woman chess player in Georgia with a FIDE rating of 2420.

In 2004 she came second behind Evgeny Shaposhnikov in the Essen Open tournament.

She resides in Tbilisi.