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Myroslav Turiansky

Myroslav Turiansky (10 October 1912, Rudky, near Lviv - 28 December 1998, Radekhiv) was a Ukrainian chess master.

He won the championship of the Shakhovyi Konyk (Chess Knight) Club in Lviv in 1928, and tied for 1st-2nd with Stepan Popel in the Championship of Western Ukraine at Lviv 1943.

Joining the westward exodus in 1944, Turiansky wound up in Vienna, where in the years 1946-1947 he became one of the best players of the Austrian capital and champion of the Hietzing Chess Club there. He took 16th at Vienna 1947 (Schlechter Memorial, László Szabó won).

In 1948 he emigrated to New York City, where he became active in the Marshall Chess Club, and in the 1949-1950 season placed second in its club championship, behind Larry Evans. Here again his desire to serve organized Ukrainian chess came to the fore. He moved to Chicago in 1950, and won twice the Chicago city championship (1953 and 1954). He finished 10th in the U.S. Open Chess Championship at Milwaukee 1953 (Donald Byrne won).