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Murugan Thiruchelvam

Murugan Thirumurugan Thiruchelvam
Full name Murugan Thirumurugan Thiruchelvam
Country England
Born 11 December 1988
England, UK

Murugan Thirumurugan Thiruchelvam (born 11 December 1989) is an English chess player. He was England's youngest player ever to gain an international chess rating (2020 at the age of nine).

Having just passed his tenth birthday, he played against the then world champion Garry Kasparov in a simultaneous exhibition. Impressed by the strategic understanding of the youngster, Kasparov singled out the game as the best of that day.

Murugan is of Sri Lankan descent.

Murugan continued to improve rapidly, reaching 2269 Elo on FIDE's published rating list before age twelve. Thereafter, he played only infrequently and by 2003, had halted his chess-playing altogether.