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Mihail Marin

Mihail Marin, 2008
Full name Mihail Marin
Country Romania
Born April 21, 1965
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2616 (September 2009)

Mihail Marin (born 21 April 1965) is a Romanian chess Grandmaster. As of July 2011, his FIDE rating is 2548. Marin's first major success in international chess was in qualifying for the Interzonal in 1987. He has won three Romanian Championships and has played in the Chess Olympiads ten times, winning a bronze individual medal in 1988. For several years he was editor of the magazine Chess Extrapress.

Marin has written a number of well-received books: Secrets of Chess Defence (Gambit Publications, 2003, ISBN 1-901983-91-9), Learn from the Legends: Chess Champions at Their Best (Quality Chess, 2004, ISBN 91-975243-2-8), Secrets of Attacking Chess (Gambit Publications, 2005, ISBN 1-904600-30-1), Beating the Open Games (Quality Chess, 2007, ISBN 91-976004-3-1, ISBN 978-91-976004-3-9), A Spanish Opening Repertoire for Black (Quality Chess, 2007, ISBN 91-976005-0-4, ISBN 978-91-976005-0-7) and Reggio Emilia 2007/2008 (together with Yuri Garrett - Quality Chess, 2009, ISBN 978-1-906552-32-9). Learn from the Legends was named the 2005 ChessCafe Book of the Year, and was nominated for the 2004 BCF Book of the Year. International Master Secrets of Chess Defence was nominated for the 2003 ChessCafe Book of the Year. Jeremy Silman, himself a prize-winning author of chess books, has called Marin "one of the world's finest chess writers" and wrote of Learn from the Legends, "I can't recall having seen a better book in the last two decades".

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