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Māris Krakops

Born April 3, 1978
Title Grandmaster

Māris Krakops (born April 3, 1978, Latvia) is a Latvian chess Grandmaster (1998).

Māris Krakops started real chess career in 1992 when he participated in Open Junior Championship of USSR in Jūrmala. In 1994 when he placed second in the Junior World Championship under 16 in Szeged, Hungary (after Peter Leko). In 1994 he achieved the International Master title. Then, in 1995, Māris Krakops was 8th in the World Junior Chess Championship U-18 in Guarapuava, Brazil and again he placed 8th in the World Junior Chess Championship U-20 in Siófok, Hungary. Māris Krakops won the Latvian Chess Championship in 1998. In 2000 he won Troll Masters in Gausdal, Norway but in 2001 was second in Patras, Greece. In 2001 Māris Krakops won second place at third board in 13th European Team Chess Championship in León.

Māris Krakops played for Latvia in Chess Olympiads:

Māris Krakops played for Latvia in European Team Chess Championship:

Since 2003 rarely participating in chess tournaments. By profession Māris Krakops is a lawyer.