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Kārlis Klāsups

Country Latvia
Soviet Union
Born July 1, 1922
Zaļenieki parish, Jelgava Municipality, Latvia
Title National Master

Kārlis Klāsups (July 1, 1922, Zaļenieki parish - August 1, 1991, Riga) was a Latvian chess master who won Latvian Chess Championship in 1959.

Chess career

Kārlis Klāsups has participated in the Latvian Chess Championship finals 12 times. He won third place twice. (1950, 1955) but in 1959 Kārlis Klāsups reached the greatest success in own career and divided first place in this tournament with Pēteris Kampenuss. Kārlis Klāsups won additional match for Latvian title - 4:3. He has participated in USSR Chess Championship preliminary tournaments in 1955 and 1959 but without great success. Also Kārlis Klāsups played for Latvia in 1955, at sixth board in 4th Soviet Team Chess Championship in Voroshilovgrad and won the third place (+2 −1 =6).

Personal life

He worked as a crane driver at the port of Rīga. Because of poor health Kārlis Klāsups had to give up chess. After the end of the chess career he lived alone, and news about his death during the long time did not arrive until Latvian chess society.

Notable games