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Kalju Pitksaar

Country Estonia
Soviet Union
Born May 18, 1931
Tallinn, Estonia

Kalju Pitksaar (18 May 1931, Tallinn - 26 September 1995, Tallinn) was an Estonian chess player, who won the Estonian Chess Championship.


In 1947, at age 16 Kalju Pitksaar the first time participated in the Estonian Chess Championships. In Estonian Chess Championships he has won gold (1957) and 2 silver (1951, 1958) medals. In 1950 he was second in traditional National Tournament in Pärnu. In 1952 Kalju Pitksaar won Baltic Chess Championship. In 1952 Soviet Chess Championships quarterfinal in Krasnodar he shared 2nd - 3rd place. In 1958 Kalju Pitksaar played for Estonia in Soviet Team Chess Championship in Vilnius, where his team finished at high fourth place.

In this same year Pitksaar's chess career suddenly interrupted - he was disqualified with formulation "improve his behavior". More than 20 years Pitksaar not participated in a chess tournaments. Only in 1981 he returned and won Tallinn Chess Championship. His last chess tournament was Correspondence Chess Olympiad semifinal (1992-1996).