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Ivana Maria Furtado

Ivana Maria Furtado, Goa 2007
Country India
Born 16 March 1999

Woman FIDE Master (2011)

Woman Candidate Master (2008)
Peak rating 2251 (December 2014)

Ivana Maria Furtado (born March 16, 1999) is a chess prodigy from Goa, India. She won the Under-8 World Youth Chess Championship twice in a row in 2006 and 2007, and won second place in the 2009 Under-10. Her FIDE Elo rating as of January 2012 is 2065, and she is a Woman FIDE Master.

Ivana won gold in the Under 12 category at the Commonwealth Chess Championship 2009 in Singapore on 14 December 2009.

She became Woman FIDE Master in 2011.

She got her first Woman Grandmaster norm by winning the Girls title at the Asian Junior Chess Championship, Tashkent in June 2012.

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