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Ingrīda Priedīte

Born Ingrīda Bērziņa
March 13, 1954
Rīga, Latvia

Ingrīda Priedīte (born March 13, 1954, Rīga as Ingrīda Bērziņa) is a Latvian Women International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (1996). Ingrīda Priedīte won the Latvian Chess Championship for women twice - 1973, and 1979. Woman FIDE Master (WFM) (2014).

She started to play chess at the age of 9. She won the Latvian Junior championship in 1970, Riga women championship in 1972, Latvian Student championship in 1974 and 1977, and achieved Master title in 1976.

In her later years Ingrīda Priedīte is also an excellent correspondence chess player. She was second in the 5th Ladies World Championship final (1993-1998).

Ingrīda Priedīte graduated from the Latvian University and by profession is an economist. After Latvian restoration of independence in 1991 she was the first General-Secretary of the Latvian Chess Federation.