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Ilya Shumov

Ilya Shumov.

Ilya Shumov (16 June 1819 in Arkhangelsk - July 1881 in Sevastopol) was a Russian chess master.

He served as an officer in the Russian Navy until 1847, then worked as a civil servant in Sankt Petersburg. He was invited, along with two other Russian chess masters - Alexander Petrov and Carl Jaenisch, to participate in the London 1851 chess tournament but he did not arrive. He played several matches in Petersburg; lost to Dmitry Urusov (4-7) in 1853, lost and won against Jänisch (3-5 and 7-5) in 1854, lost to Ignatz von Kolisch (2-6) and A. Petrov (2-4) in 1862, and lost to Szymon Winawer (2-5) in 1875.