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Igor Miladinović

Full name Igor Miladinović

Yugoslavia (1993-95)
Greece (1995-2004)
Serbia and Montenegro (2004-06)

Serbia (2006-present)
Born January 25, 1974
Title Grandmaster
Peak rating 2630 (July 2004)

Igor Miladinović (Serbian Cyrillic: Игор Миладиновић; born 25 January 1974 in Niš) is a Serbian chess grandmaster. On the November 2011 FIDE list his Elo rating was 2564.

Miladinović won the 1993 World Junior Chess Championship and at the end of the year was declared for the athlete of the Year in Yugoslavia. In 1994 he played for Yugoslavia in the Moscow Olympiad, winning a bronze medal on 4th board. Around 1995 he moved to Greece, playing for that country in four Olympiads from 1996 to 2002.

Miladinović was co-winner along with Joël Lautier, winning his individual game against the latter in the 6th edition of the strong invitation tournament Sigeman & Co. at Malmö 1998.

He won the 46th edition of the traditional Reggio Emilia chess tournament 2003/04 outright.

Recently Miladinović has returned to Serbia and is affiliated to the Serbian Chess Federation.

He once was married to Woman Grandmaster Anna-Maria Botsari.