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Guntars Antoms

Country Latvia
Born July 24, 1960
Riga, Latvia
Title International Master
Peak rating 2485 (July 2001)

Guntars Antoms (Latvian: Guntars Antoms; July 24, 1960, Riga, Latvia) is a Latvian lawyer and chess International Master (2001).

Chess career

Guntars Antoms first success came at the age of 14 when he won 4th place at the Latvian Junior Championship. Three years later he shared first place with Edvīns Ķeņģis at the Latvian Junior Championship. Antoms has been a steady participant in Latvian Chess Championship finals but in 2001 he won this tournament (ahead grandmasters Viesturs Meijers, Arturs Neikšāns, Jānis Klovāns, Zigurds Lanka, Ilmārs Starostīts). He was awarded the International Master title in 2001. Guntars Antoms is a member of board and vice president of Latvian Chess Federation.

Guntars Antoms played for Latvia in Chess Olympiads:

Guntars Antoms played for Latvia in European Team Chess Championship:

Lawyer career

Guntars Antoms graduated from Faculty of Law the University of Latvia. He is Baltic International Arbitration court attorney at law, member of the presidium and member of Latvian Criminal Bar Association.