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Giorgio Porreca

Country Italy
Born 30 August 1927
Title International Master

Giorgio Porreca (Naples, 30 August 1927 - 5 January 1988) was an Italian chess player and International Master.

He won the Italian Chess Championship two times: at Sorrento in 1950 and at Rovigo in 1956. He was seven times winner the Italian correspondence championship in the period from 1957 to 1973 (no other Italian player equalled this feat). He played for Italy in three Olympiads: at Dubrovnik 1950 (3rd board), Helsinki 1952 (1st board) and Amsterdam 1954 (2nd board) with the overall result of (+ 17 - 11 = 15). Twice winner with the Genoa team of the Italian club championship.

Porreca had a deep knowledge of chess theory and wrote many books on the subject that were popular in Italy. He had a university degree in Russian language and Russian literature and translated into Italian many Russian chess books. He founded and directed until his death the Italian chess magazine Scacco!, published in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, a town near Naples. He was a lover and expert of endgame studies, editing for many years the special section on studies of the magazine Scacco!.