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Gary Lane

Full name Gary William Lane
Country Australia
Born 4 November 1964
United Kingdom
Title International Master
Peak rating 2464 (July 2001)

Gary William Lane (born 4 November 1964, United Kingdom) is a professional chess player and author. He became an International Master in 1987 and won the Commonwealth Chess Championship in 1988. He has written over twenty books on chess, including Find the Winning Move, Improve Your Chess in 7 Days and Prepare to Attack.

After his marriage to Woman International Master Nancy Jones, he moved to Australia, winning the Australian Chess Championship in 2004. He won the 2005 Oceania Chess Championship and represented Oceania at the Chess World Cup 2005.

He has also represented Australia in the 2002, 2004, and 2006 Chess Olympiads. In the 2004 Olympiad he helped Australia score a 2-2 draw with his former country England, scoring a spectacular win over Nigel Short. He has been a chess coach for England or Australia at the World Junior and also European Junior championship for over a decade.

In 2012 he won the George Trundle Masters in Auckland, New Zealand with a score of 7/9, and the NZ South Island Championships in Dunedin, with a score of 8/9. He was unbeaten in both events.

In 2015 at the Australian tournament the Doeberl Cup he beat Loek van Wely the reigning Dutch Champion and one of the world's leading players. He played the Closed Sicilian which he has also written about in two books.

Gary is a passionate supporter of Torquay United F.C.