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Frank Lamprecht

Full name Frank Lamprecht
Country Germany
Born June 21, 1968
Title International Master
Peak rating 2419 (July 2000)

Frank Lamprecht (born 21 June 1968) is a German chess International Master and chess trainer. He is a co-author of Fundamental Chess Endings (2001) and Secrets of Pawn Endings (2000), both with Karsten Müller.

He has been a chess trainer since 1983.

He gained the title of International Master in 1999. He has played in the Oberliga Nord for the Hamburg club King Knight SC since the 1984-85 season.

Lamprecht has mainly done with his books about chess endgames a name, which he wrote together with Hamburg's Bundesliga player and Grandmaster Karsten Müller. Fundamental Chess Endings, a book that won the award of Book of the Year of the British Chess Federation.