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Francesc Vicent

Born 1450
Segorbe, Kingdom of Valencia
Nationality Kingdom of Valencia, Crown of Aragon

Francesc Vicent (Segorbe, 1450 - c. 1512) was a Valencian, later Spanish, author who wrote the first treatise about chess using the present-day moves for the queen and the bishop. Libre dels jochs partits dels schacs en nombre de 100 was printed in Valencia on May 15, 1495, by Lope de Roca Alemany and Pere Trincher. No copy of this work has survived. Even though it is believed that there was once a copy in the library of Santa Maria de Montserrat, it disappeared during the Peninsular War.

Vicent is considered the founder of modern chess. As his work spread throughout Europe, the innovation of the queen's change in movement making it the most powerful chess piece appeared for the first time in the poem Scachs d'amor (1475) written by Bernat Fenollar, Narcís Vinyoles and Franci de Castellví. Hence, some people believe the queen's move is a Valencian invention.

Vicent left the Kingdom of Valencia for Italy, due to problems with the Spanish Inquisition.

The asteroid 78071 Vicent, discovered in 2002, is named after him.