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Elizbar Ubilava

Full name Elizbar Ubilava
Country Georgia, Spain
Born August 27, 1950
Title Grandmaster (1988)
Peak rating 2561 (January 1999)

Elizbar Ubilava (born August 27, 1950 in Tbilisi) is a Spanish chess Grandmaster (1988) of Georgian origin. He is FIDE Senior Trainer (2004) and worked with Viswanathan Anand for nine years between 1994 and 2005. He achieved his highest Elo rating of 2561 in January 1999.

Chess career

Ubilava won the Georgian Chess Championship in 1974 and 1986 and played for Georgia in the 1992 Chess Olympiad. His other successful performances include 1st at Trencianske Teplice 1985, 1st at Eforie Nord 1988, =1st at Tbilisi 1988, 1st at Benasque 2001, 3rd at Elgoibar 2003, =2nd at La Roda 2005, =1st at Benasque 2005 and =1st at Almeria 2008.

He participated in the USSR Chess Championship of 1967.

Notable games