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Edward Löwe

Full name Edward Löwe
Country Bohemia
Born 23 September 1794
Prague, Bohemia

Edward Löwe (also Eduard Loewe; 23 September 1794 - 24 February 1880) was a Bohemian-born, after 1830 naturalized English chess master.

Personal life

Löwe was born in Prague and died in London.

Match and tournament results

In 1847, he won a match with Howard Staunton (5-2), but his opponent gave odds of pawn and two moves. In regular matches, he won against Hugh Alexander Kennedy (7½-6½) in 1849, and lost to Frederic Deacon (2½-7½) in 1851, James Hannah (8-13) in 1856, and Paul Morphy (0-6) in 1858. The match against Morphy took place in Lowe's Hotel, which belonged to Löwe.

In tournaments, he won against Arthur Simons (2-0) and lost to George Webb Medley (1½-2½) at London 1849 (Ries' Divan, Henry Thomas Buckle won), and lost a match to Marmaduke Wyvill (0-2) at the London 1851 chess tournament (Adolf Anderssen won).